Plaid Pillagers at the 2013 10,000 Lakes Regional

Plaid Pillagers at the 2013 10,000 Lakes Regional

We are the Plaid Pillagers, a high school robotic team from Morris, MN.


In 2007, a few ambitious students decided to form and recruit a FIRST Robotics team (See more here.) With about twenty students, one coach, and funding from the University of Minnesota Foundation and Superior Industries (see Sponsors).

In 2008, our numbers grew to around twenty-five students and we gained more sponsors. In addition to FIRST, we competed in the Bison BEST Robotics at NDSU. It was a good warm-up for the upcoming FIRST season. In the spring, we competed in FIRST’s Lunacy challenge at both the Milwaukee Regional and the Minneapolis North Star Regional. Although we did not place high enough to go to nationals, we felt we had made significant progress. We did, however, receive the Imagery Award for attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team.

The 2009-10 season is going to be very exciting for us. We have a stronger following, and although we lost our main sponsor (University of Minnesota Foundation), we did receive the NASA grant which allowed us enough funds to register for the 10,000 Lakes Regional in Minneapolis.